NRN Malaysia Objects To New Rule For Illegal Migrant Workers

Published On: Wednesday, April 20, 2016 | Source: NRNA MALAYSIA

KUALALUMPUR, April 17: Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRN), Malaysia has taken strong exception to the new binding rules introduced by Nepali Embassy in Malaysia for illegal Nepali migrant workers desiring to return home.

The new rules to produce a voucher of payment to Koperasi Imigresen Berhad, Malaysia, the union of former immigration staffers, has violated migrant workers’ inherent right to return to their respective countries, Sunil Chalise, Secretary at NRN Malaysia, said in a statement today.

Malaysia was sending illegal migrant workers back to their respective countries under which an illegal Nepali migrant worker had to pay 950 ringgit while under the new rule 1,280 ringgit has to be paid.

Under this rule, an illegal migrant worker gets one-way travel document from his respective embassy only after submitting a voucher of Rs 1280 ringgit paid to Koperasi. And then he/she has to surrender himself/herself to the immigration department with a flight ticket along with the one-way travel document.

The Nepali Embassy in Malaysia has introduced this rule saying that Nepali migrant workers are being swindled of over 2000 ringgit by the middlemen while returning home.

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